Who is Chrissy?

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Hello all, my name is Chrissy Thompson. I am 36, a wife and mother of 3, ages 17, 13 and almost 6. We live in a small town in west central Ohio. Yay Buckeyes! I love photography, please follow me @thompson_photography_oh.  I usually work 58 hours a week and all of my kids play sports so needless to say , its hard to keep up with Days.

I remember watching Days with my mom when I was little. My earliest memory is when Marlena was possessed by the devil and John performed her exorcisim. From there I remember all kinds of drama. Like the Kristen, John, Marlena story, all the terrible things Stefano has done to soooo many people, crazy Celest, Hope aka Princess Gina, the Sami, Lucas, Carrie and Austin drama and soooo much more.

My favorite star would have to be Sami. I love love loved her and so sad that she is gone. She has been the main source of drama on Days, at least I think so. I hate that all of the old cast members have left for other soaps and leaving us with all these new young people. I wish some of them would at least come back to visit. Today’s story lines are just ok. They don’t come close to the good old “Days”, just sayin, lol.

I want the old Will and Chad back, I seriously cannot stand the new ones. Also the whole hillbilly family can go as well. Paul can stay, looks like he will bring some drama.

Anyway, I love you guys. I think I was Like #19 on Facebook so I’ve been listening a while. And I love all of you that write in feedback. You all make me want to keep watching so I can keep listening to what all of you have to say. I will write in occasionally, but know that I am here listening and looking forward to seeing how big this podcast will grow.

Now some favorite words from the podcast; it’s a merry go round of stupid, Zaney Barker Zaney Barker, MAN SEX, Zaney Barker Zaney Barker, TreeSa, word vomit, Star Trek (ding me please, lol) and 5 stars 5 stars (even though I have not left my review as I don’t listen on itunes, but everyone else, go do it, lol)