Who is Foofer?


Chad ‘Foofer’ Smith

I’ve been watching since I was 6 years old in 1977. Mainly during Iowa summers with my Mom but later taping the episodes daily through high school and college. I taped every show on my vcr up until a couple years ago. However since I don’t have cable, this new antenna shit won’t let me use my vcr anymore. So now I rely on the NBC app, YouTube and my Days Drama Family.

My earliest memory is from 1977 when Marie Horton (a nun) was having an affair with Alex and she gave her child away. Then came 1981 where the Salem Strangler killed many women including Marlena Evans. Dom Dom Dom .. it was actually her twin sister Samantha who died – who was played by Deidre Hall’s real life twin sister Andrea Hall. She then falls in love with her bodyguard Roman Brady thus the creation of Sami and Eric Brady in 1984. And the rest is history.

My favorite characters are Eugene and Calliope Bradford, Vivian and Celeste. I’m a sucker for the wacky characters.

I grew up in Iowa but went to college at USD in Vermillion, SD which my roommates nick named me Foofer after a blue cartoon dog. That nick name stuck. My Grandfather Charles Osborne lived to be 98 and holds the world record for hiccuping for 68 years. I currently live in Sioux Falls South Dakota but plan to move to Phoenix possibly in September with my boyfriend Brenton.

Like sands through the hourglass .. So are the days of our lives.