Who is Lesley?

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Hi Days family, I’m Lesley! Originally from West Virginia, I made my way across the country—living for 5 years in Columbus, Ohio, then 5 years in Dayton, OH, and in 2009 I moved to Los Angeles with my husband, Trevor. And LA is where we call home today, with our 2 cats, Donatella and Norma, and our goldfish, Maryjane.

I remember first watching Days of Our Lives during Summer break in middle school in the mid-80s, and I continued watching all through high school. In college, my roommate and I scheduled our classes around Days so we could watch together every day in our dorm. For me, Days is the most fun when the storylines are just crazy and/or the characters are eccentric. A few of the most memorable examples of this for me are: Marlena coming back from the dead; Marlena being possessed; Roman coming back with a different face and then turning out to be John; all of the adventures of Vivian and Ivan; Calliope and Eugene; Celeste’s fortune telling; etc.

After a several-year hiatus, I returned to Days when soap operas started getting cancelled in 2010–2011. I thought that a world without soaps would be a sad thing, so I decided to do my part to help keep them alive. It didn’t take long to get caught back up! Besides Days I have been in and out of the Young and the Restless over the years, and I remember watching Santa Barbara and Passions.

I found Vin & Christian’s wonderful Days Drama podcast because #1 I love podcasts and #2, I wanted to find other people who love to gossip about Days. So I fall into the “can’t get enough Days every day” category. Not only do they do a fantastic job recapping the episode and discussing theories and news; they have fun while doing it which keeps me laughing! And I love the community and new friends that are growing from Days Drama. I’m happy to be part of this family 🙂