Who is Mo?


Hi it’s Mo! I’ve been living in Chicago for the past 10 years but originally I’m from Marion,Indiana.  I’ve been watching soaps for as long as I can remember.  Through the years I have watched every soap that has been on in my lifetime except for General Hospital and Sunset Beach.  Days, Y&R and Another World are my all time favorites.

Days has changed so much over the years but I will always love Bo and Hope, Jack and Jen, Stefano, Victor, Kate, Sami! Who doesn’t love Sami?  I miss Billie and Austin and I love the storyline where they found out they are Kate’s kids.  Vivian burying Carly alive, Marlena’s possession, Kim Brady’s multiple personalities!  Ugh it all been so much fun.

I discovered Days Drama about 6 months ago and aren’t I glad!  I think I was the first regular contributor that Vin and Christian don’t actually know in real life.  I’ve listened to and written into a ton of podcasts but Days Drama is the first and only one that ever responded! I still think that is pretty cool.  I feel some level of mini, mini, very mini celebrity LOL!  “Mo’s Dish” might not mean anything to most of the planet but to me it’s amazing! Thanks C&V!!!! I wear my limited edition Days Drama t-shirt with pride.

I probably could have picked a better photo but I think this captures the essence of me pretty well.  Oh and hopefully you are picking up that I’m a person who likes to have fun and not that I’m a raging alcoholic.