Who’s behind the Days Drama? Vin and Christian

Hi Days fans and welcome!!!

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This is Vin and my friend Christian! We have started a Fancast/podcast to help those of you who can’t keep up with the show or just want it in a quicker form without having to take too much time out of your day OR if just to interact with the Days Drama family we have grown over the past 2 years!

C always asked what happened on ‘my show’, so we decided to have a little more fun and do a podcast with it – and we are having a blast!

A little about Vin: I started watching Days of Our Life in September of 2012, so I am actually still a newbie and haven’t even seen every character yet myself. My best friend (Kristy) flew out after my son was born to visit and she got me HOOKED on the show. My favorite character is EJ (LOVE me some British actors).. UPDATE: since EJ is gone.. Sonny and Melanie are my favorites!! And now they are both gone… I decided to stop picking my favorites LOL

Feel free to add to the comment sections of each episode and/ or leave feed back! Check out the feedback guidlines page. Please join our Facebook page and interact with the group page also! You can send feed back any way you want but the best way is through email daysdrama@gmail.com

Be sure to come back daily for you updates at Daysdrama.com!

And, until next time, DOM DOM DOM!

Vin and Christian!

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