Who is Wendy?

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I am married to my high school sweetheart, Steven, at the age of 18. We have been married for 28 years. We have two grown boys, Eric and Matthew; Matthew has Autism.

I was born and raised in a small town in Alabama, but now live on Signal Mountain, Tennessee which is about 20 minutes from Chattanooga for about 7 years now.

I work for an insurance company whose favorite color is Blue. Lol

I like to read and watch TV. I don’t do much other than work all day. I do like to go hiking as long as it’s not uphill. I do not like hills.

I have been watching Days for over 30 years. What got me started watching Days was my boyfriend at the time. He had just gotten a job and I had never watched before because my mom always watched CBS shows.

So, he talked to me all night explaining all the characters and telling me who they were so that I could recap him every night.

When I first started watching my favorite characters were Steve and Kayla, and Kimberly and Shane. Before she left Alison Sweeney was my most recent favorite, so I guess I have to find another one now. I guess now it would be Nicole and Melanie.

There aren’t many guys that have been on the show that get me like Vin gets EJ. Lol But, if I had to pick a guy it would be Brady.

The character that I wish would come back would be Steve aka Patch. But, since Kayla is off on another show now because the only storyline Days give her is online dating. So, my next would be Bo, it doesn’t have to be Peter Reckell as long as it is a hot new Bo. This Hope Aiden storyline is crap. I also wish they would bring back the docks. Storylines used to center around good and bad and lots of bad happened around the docks. I think the writers that we have now are too soft because we used to have rape, murder, etc. and that’s a part of life and is what always gave us awesome shows too. Also, weddings…………can anyone remember a wedding before Will and Sami’s? Brady and Teresa doesn’t count. They used to have major weddings all the time. Heck, Bo and Hope married at least every other year. The outfits were always so awesome to see.

My favorite sayings on the show are “what happen was”, “star trek” hahahaha I just wanted you to ding me. “totes my goat” “hocus pocus make Vinnie focus” 😉

I’m on Facebook and Twitter guys!! Feel free to friend me!

I started listening to Vin and Christian not long after they started their podcast maybe their fifth show in. I really enjoy listening on my way into work in the morning. It helps me to get my day started. It is as essential as coffee in the morning!